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Novelistwith the power of

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The person in charge of writing is not a writer, but a “novelist”.

One of the novelist's strengths is the ability to tell stories, that is, "storytelling"is.

People prefer stories rather than lists of information such as facts and numbers.easy to rememberIt is said that. By telling stories, sometimesIt greatly shakes people's hearts, evokes sympathy, and attracts them..

​ Novelists at Life is Novel can do that.

​ Find out the story of the company or product, make full use of the best expressions, descriptions, and words, put it in the story, and deliver it to many people.

Why are you a novelist?

​ "Life is Novel" has authors who have achieved achievements in game scenarios and screenplays.

We will create an original scenario according to your request while making use of your "composing ability" to create a story.

Would you like to create sales promotion materials such as leaflets and catalogs, and branding tools such as company histories and in-house newsletters with novel-style stories?

Of course, we plan together. Please contact us if you are interested.

03.Scenario production

04. Lighting for other productions

01. Brand message​Production

Please use the novelist's "communication power" to create a brand message that will be the face of the company.

From interviews with managers and executives, we spin out a message that will remain in the reader's heart.

02. Site writing

Please leave everything from corporate sites, recruitment sites, and owned media to us.

​ ​ My strength is writing in a way that can best appeal the appeal of companies and products by digesting interviews and materials.

​*The price shown is an estimate. We will listen to your request and provide an estimate.

Production of corporate novels

From 1,000,000 yen

It is possible to create a corporate novel that contains the founding story and the thoughts of the management. It can be used as a branding tool for employees, job seekers, and business partners.

site writing

From 500,000 yen

​ We undertake the writing of the entire site, including the branding message.

Scenario production

From 5,000,000 yen

​ We undertake the production of game scenarios and screenplays.

Lighting for other productions


Leaflets, catalogs, etc. Feel free to ask, "Can you write something like this?"Click herePlease inquire from

Brand message​Production

From 200,000 yen

​ Create a brand message that will be the face of the ​ company.

Introducing the contents of the plan.

Official​ Name Life is Novel Co., Ltd.
Established May 17, 2022
Representative Director Yoshihito Yamamoto
Capital 1 million yen
​Location ​5th floor of Ichibancho West Building, 10-8 Ichibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Business content Novel writing service for individuals and corporations

Site creation/writing
​ Management and operation of the novel browsing site, etc.

Company Profile.

with the power of a novelist
​ More transmitted, more read

More than 100 novelists enrolled

We select the most suitable novelist from over 100 people, so we can respond to various requests.
It is possible to write according to the image, such as "sentences with warmth" and "with a stiff style".

​Hearing ability to draw out stories

The interviewers are interviewers who have interviewed over 100 people, including business owners and celebrities.

"I'm not good at speaking..." Even from such people, we will surely draw out the necessary information and stories.

high quality writers

Enrolled are novelists who have won literary awards sponsored by publishers or have a track record of passing the selection.

Literary Awards Example: Shincho Newcomer Award, Gunzo Newcomer Award, Bungakukai Newcomer Award, Bungei Award, Novel Contemporary Feature Newcomer Award, Shinichi Hoshi Award, Ranpo Edogawa Award, etc.

our strengths.

​ Armed with stories and words spun by novelists,

Communicate value to your readers.

​ "Life is Novel" has many novelists with excellent writing skills who have won literary awards held by publishers or have passed the selection process.

We will create original content by utilizing the novelist's "writing ability", "communication ability", and "story spinning ability".

Tired of ordinary lighting?

I want to convey the attractiveness of the company in a way that will remain in the reader's memory.

I want to introduce something new to my site or promotional materials

I want to differentiate my proposal in the site creation competition from other companies

In addition to solving problems with writing by novelists, we will help you steadily deliver value that has not yet been conveyed to readers.

what we can do.

Service contents

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